Lunch today

Bibbed up, the children take to the canteen, walking in a crocodile across the road. And today will partake of starter; Oeuf dur en vinaigrette….then, Saute de porc with julienne de legumes, followed by a piece of Comte and finally a slice of Tarte Normande.

All for the delectable price of E1.50 per child. Pretty sweet non?

The twins complain about the length of time spent in the canteen, it seems that, like their elders, the French children take their time and linger over their lunch savouring each mouthful. In stark comparison to their Anglo cousins across the water who will more than likely wolf down their ham sarnies and packet of cheese and onion crisps within ten minutes, maybe less.



      1. Dear Fealte & Rosebud, Your mummy is ‘ne plus ultra’ as we say in England and you are very lucky to chow down and otherwise be with such an enthusiast.

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