Woolgathering, a delicious word, although it doesn’t necessarily mean to gather sheep’s wool, but, also, to ‘indulge in idle fantasies’. Something often done in the depths of winter, dreaming of some kind-hearted old Granny knitting a beautiful thick woolen polo-neck, or a classical fat wooly hat with a giant pom-pom perched on top, long thick scarves and super sexy socks…

Walking through a farmers market last winter saw a stall holder flaunting her apparently unique designs of woolen headgear. Beautiful matching sets of hats and mittens, scarves, delicate cardigans and thick jumpers all squarely aimed at the wealthy parents of a suburban commuter town. costing upwards of £40, they were sadly well-out of price range. On closer questioning the stall-holder revealed that she had ‘contacts’ in the world of wool-knitting grannies (WKG’s), leaving one thoroughly suspicious of the unique and classical designs. And the high costs considering the generous nature of most WKG’s.
Fortunately most folks who have a generous knitter in the family don’t appreciate these industrious and thoughtful relations and will often toss such unloved garments as hand-crocheted babies cardigans lovingly threaded with silk ribbon and matching booties with a delicate button fastening into the local charity shop leaving these unworn gems just waiting to be discovered by an old-fashioned mama and lovingly worn by her fat chubby baby.
Luckily we have access to a wonderful WKG, someone else’s WKG I might add, Granny Edith. A constant joyous source of old-school knits and cosy gifts. God bless WKG Edith and all who sail forth wearing her delectable finger-smithed pieces.


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