A sense of tart titillation

To salivate, to titillate, to dictate – to your lunch guests…oh yes! Puddings, desserts, sweets – call it what you wish – but, for me, to serve pudding is the luxurious embrace of social gatherings.

Following a few glasses of wine, some conversation and general togetherness – pudding is the moment when people finally begin to relax, it is produced to bashful smiles and guilty giggles – “oh go on then – just one tiny slice. With a drop of cream? Oh…alright…hmmm”.

And so, you secretly envelop them with your sugary squeeze.

Small, perfect and sublime is the perfect embodiment of sweet gorgeousness. Of course making food for friends in miniature is, not only time-consuming, but a total pain in the arse. However, if you are out to impress it is worth the effort.

To make these tiny lemon curd and noisette tarts you must first whip up a batch of lucious lemon curd. To make the noisette tarts beat sugar and butter together, add some crushed hazelnuts and almonds. Gently push this thick paste into a 24 case petit four tin. Bake gently until golden – about ten minutes. Leave to cool.
Meanwhile, using fresh or frozen berries – softly heat in a pan with some sugar add a drop of water to create a syrupy berry nectar. To assemble – fold the lemon curd into some mascarpone, or whipped cream. Place a spoonful on the noisette tarts, drizzle the berries over the top – et viola!

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