The wrong trousers

Should a pair of trousers see you reeling in revolt and crazed, coffee-induced, anger? Does that Farah look from his schooldays – work on the modern man?

Since hitting his middle moment last January (40yrs) and since we produced children trois – he is, naturally – forever trying to spank our financial straits straight. My honeycake has taken to schmoozing a kind of dark corporate Gerry (and Margot) look. As an artist, a designer, a great lover of being on the road and someone who has a deep passion for dangerous machinery and music I have always felt he lived on the edge and admired his paired down and stylish look.
But recently he has turned some kind of alternative corner, one I do not wish to follow. Is there a point in a marriage when the girl gets to dress her man, just like a doll? I keep asking, but I keep being rebuffed.
Should I do as he? As I age disgracefully, consider hiding my pins, stop shopping in Topshop and dust down the twinset and pearls? I shudder at the thought and plan to remain a fashion slut, until I lie down dead.
When we first met in Barcelona, he strolled into a cafe, and my life, wearing white birkies, old jeans, a simple tee and a very sexy dark green jacket, he was slim – nae skinny, tanned and his head of red hair shone in the sunlight – he was, so I thought, not my type – but I thought the boy tres fly.
Yet six years on and he’s embraced farah and marks and sparks and my favourite vintage Hawaiian shirt of his has not seen a night out for neigh-on a year or so.
Are you allowed to complain in a relationship about each others look? I mean generally you connect because your on the same level – right? Not just emotionally and physically but tribe-wise too – so what happens when one takes to goth and the other to Laura Ashley – does it spell the end of an otherwise beautiful union?
Or perhaps it would be simpler, for me, and my sanity, and my marriage, to just loose said items of clothing..?

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