World Book Day and Night

Dressed as characters from favourite stories to celebrate World Book Day; our 5-year old twins skipped into class this morning; just two of a handful clutching home-made cardboard and glue costumes and accoutrements the others could have walked out of the Disney store just five minutes beforehand.

My boy is hot with the scissors, glue, stapler and cardboard.

Today is World Book Day and to celebrate Pirate Flinn attended school; chosen from the brilliant Captain Flinn and Pirate Dinosuar stories written by Giles Andreae, how I wish I had had that simple yet genius idea. Also in attendance was Hans Christian Anderson classic; the Princess and the Pea. My daughter dressed as the forlorn princess who became black and blue all over, having spent the night on top of a pea covered by 20 feather beds and 20 mattresses, proving she is indeed a ‘real’ princess, she went in clutching her home made box which had perched atop a small, tissue-paper, green pea.

The class was peopled with an amazing amount of princesses this morning, another Pirate Flinn, a tiny Angelina Ballerina, Aslan, a cheerleader, a witch, Buzz Lightyear and a varying assortment of unidentifiable book characters.
On World Book Night, this saturday, I have been selected as one of the first members to give away 48 copies of Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, this was the title I chose from a host of amazing books.
The event is aimed to allow enthusiastic readers to give away copies of a favourite book to fellow-book lovers and also to people who may not have come across it. I am really excited about collecting and handing out my books. I shall keep you posted on my distribution. For more info check out:

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