Stilton & Broccoli Soup

It’s mid-summers day and its drizziling I can see a patch of blue peering through the grey clouds; summer in Blighty.

For a taste sensation, to warm us up and for a deep and rich soup; stilton and broccoli rocks, it is always a winner and the children adore it.

A good English stilton has a cheeky edge to it, a creamy depth that is set off perfectly with its tangy mouth-watering blue veins. As it is crumbly and creamy it is great for cooking – and melts easily into a dish.

My perfect Stilton and Broccoli soup begins by gently cooking and softening an onion, one leek and two garlic cloves with a glug of olive oil. Leave it to sweat gently for a good five minutes. Add a good handful of diced and un-peeled new potatoes or one large spud – stir into the dish and let the spuds sweat gently for a moment before adding a good litre of bouillion. Let the dish simmer until the potatoes are cooked – about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile wash and chop up fairly small a good fresh head of broccoli – add to the soup when the spuds are cooked and simmer for a few mintues. Crumble in a good hunk of stilton – maybe 100grams – let it melt in. Take the soup off the heat and whizz it up with a blender until it is an even rich green. Serve hot with salt and pepper and my home-made olive-oil croutons.

Grab some stale sourdough – cut it up into even cubes – turn the oven on, in a oven-tray add a glug of olive oil and a smattering of sea-salt. Throw in your bread cubes and with your hands roll them around in the oil and salt. Put into the oven shaking the pan and checking at regular five minute intervals – you do not want them to burn, just toast evenly. Serve in a bowl for everyone to help themselves.




  1. Hey Han – just came across this blog of yours and got as far as this recipe – am now stuffing biscuits in my chops – nice crutons! Hope the family is well Phillis x

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