Green Man Rocks

Independent, family-friendly and nestling at the foot of the Sugar Mountain in Welsh Wales, the GreenMan Festival continues, every August, to draw us into his fluffy green arms.
Yes it’s middle-class, safe and full of, probably too much, easy listening folk music, but throw in heaps of kids, large fluffy clouds and a site that is both compact and beautiful and you have the perfect festival recipe for any Observer-reading 21st century British family.
This year the bodacious, hilarious, naughty and very talented Australian comedian, Tim Minchin performed, having never heard of him – I spent the entire time absolutely bewildered and shocked by his unique performance – he absolutely rocked the comedy tent. And had all the white, middle-class, Guardian readers guffawing with his raw cheek and incredible musical talents. Check out Prejudice – an absolute classic tune pitched resolutely at everyone who is not a ginger…
But have no fear, all you resolutely hedonistic types out there, after dark the dance tent throbs and the youths, and yes there is definitely plenty of them, go forth and shake their lithe booty
to some fantastic DJ’s including Anonymous Androgynous, Andrew Weatherall (yup he’s still going strong), Ewan Pearson, The 2 Bears, Warp Records and Horse Meat Disco.
Next year sees this independent production of festival fluffiness celebrate ten years, and its promising to be a corker.

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