Carb it…

Carbohydrates are fantastically dependable tools when you are raising children.
Potatoes, rice, pasta, bread – each, on their own, the perfect instant staple – but, when paired with something else, say…butter – they become altogether more effective, something far more magical…something delicious.
My children spent a year at École Maternelle, French pre-school; this dousing of a singular Gallic acedemic year left them bemused and confused by another language and entirely frustrated by the lengthy, daily, four-course meals they were served for lunch.
Much to their astonishment, their French, three and four-year old, peers took their time during lunch, contentedly munching away on their salad entrée, followed perhaps by a rabbit stew, then a cheese course and then a pudding to boot.
One dish they served regularly was a tiny pasta smothered in buerre, this simple side-dish was a great favourite with the children – served alongside meat or vegetables and always eaten with great gusto.
I continue to serve this pleasingly simple dish today, rice or pasta both thrive when introduced to a knob of butter. If you throw peas in as well – hey presto you have a simple feast, or perhaps the perfect accompaniment to just about anything and it is whipped up in a jiffy.  I like to roast some vegetables or sizzle some sausages to proffer alongside. Some juicy greens, a corn on the cob – nothing complicated.  
Children often crave comforting, effortless food after a hard day at school, and as the Autumnal weather draws in so does our desire for satisfying simplicity and nourishment. 

As seen on Crumbs.


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