Cooking up Trouble

Its the school holidays and in a fit of joie de vivre I embark on a mission to bake and blast as many edible goodies as we humanly can in one morning.

Ten minutes into the madness and I’m having palpitations and drinking way to much coffee to keep it together for a situation as ludicrous as this.

 “Whose bloody idea was this anyway?” One rants as the little darlings single-handely cover the entire house in cocoa powder. 

The thing about cooking with your sproglets is that the idea always seems so clever but the scenario is never so sweet.

The most important thing is to expect the mess, the chaos, the licking, the butter-squidging and sugar thieving and get over yourself – it can easily be cleaned up.

If your mentally prepared for the madness then you can cajole and roll amongst the flour storm and sugar frenzy without to much flusteration.


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