Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Bonne Annee, Feliz Ano Nuevo and all that kind of spluttery.

The festive season is officially behind us, and as I laid out the school uniforms last night – and hoovered up after the tree was dragged out this morning, I felt a real sense of relief and a sense of excitement as the new year slowly dawns grey and unsure out of the mist, and into the new calendar of our eyes.

The exhaustion and gluttony is done with and clean living, new beginnings and austerity can commence.

Christmas this year held a dark tinge of unwarranted consumerism to it (for me) – I am not sure why – it was no different to last year and with three young children, buying presents in the name of FC*, is what makes it so incredibly exciting for them.

But in a fit of new hope, and sponging up credit card puddles, I am embarking on a severe no spend scam this year in a bid to save some much needed spondoolicks and to, perhaps, even become a better person for it.

Being a member of the, so-called, middle classes (I think) and dashing towards middle-age (exactly what age is that? Is it 40 nowadays or 50…? hmmmm) I am constantly driven in a consumer-saturated direction which leads one to want to acquire A LOT: a beautiful home, a fridge full of goodies, a wine rack groaning with grapey goodness, several motors, not to mention shoes, jumpers, thermals and an iPhone….with all this STUFF comes a surfeit of splurging and you definitely begin to lose sight of what actually makes you happy. And, it turns out, its NOT this STUFF.

I know all this is obvious – and we all know it makes sense, but you have to remind yourself a lot and actually be looking at some rather large bills to realise that feeling safe and secure is not having a load of goods, but actually some savings, a little candour and maybe, even, some control.

So after reading about the lady who stopped buying clothes for a year and begun to darn, YES – DARN, her socks and stockings. I am going on this mission and I shall keep you well informed of its outcome.

And so in the name of economy I bid you adieu…

* FC – Father Christmas


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