The Beauty of Vanity…

Why are so many women unhappy with their bodies? Is it simply the swamping impact of advertising and media constantly portraying the perfect woman at us from all angles?

Or is it more than that? Is it hardwired in us, as a species, to naturally, unconsciously, compete against each other, constantly vying to be the sexual alpha female.

Conditionally constructed to endlessly compete for a healthy alpha mate.

And if so at what moment in our lives can we, finally, let go? Surely, if it is genetics then right after childbearing age we should let it all hang out; let our hair go grey, our boobs head south and our bellies breathe out.

But we don’t – vanity carries us well into old age, along with purple rinses and body-shaping pants.

So it is wrong to be vain? Is it wrong to want to have a slim(mer) body, one which you can, happily, share with your honey? Is it wrong to want to look good – are we really conditioned by the massive slew of advertising thrust across Blighty, or just hardwired to keep it up…Surely, among all this angst and competition we are just trying to be healthy(ier), to look good and do we it for that alpha male?

No. We do it for ourselves.

And that is OK! That is good! Being healthy means being well and feeling more positive and that is all for the good in this age of mistrust and insecurity.

So do it: be vain, eat well, don’t push it – drink wine and scoff crisps, but not everyday – obviously. Exercise, stretch, walk and breathe fresh air; it’ll keep you sane. And, these simple acts of vanity, will help keep your pecker up – and my old mans…

And there is great joy in that.


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