Soup de jour – chou, chou

The Time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things.
Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax – and cabbages – and kings…


Ahh, yes, cabbage. Man, oh man, is cabbage the humble British vegetable, often unloved, regularly unwanted, but not here my friends, not any more.

Cabbage is a treasure trove of a staple, it lasts for ages in the fridge and is peanuts to boot. This little beauty was grown on Salisbury Hill, just outside Bath, by my buddy Mikey Mike – the vegetable king – it is fresh, crisp and ripe for scoffing.

Soup is a staple in my house and this one I make religiously; simple vegetable soup with fresh cabbage thrown in at the last. This number, also known as the cabbage soup diet, will have some folks despair at how they ate bowlfuls; day in, day out for weeks, in a desperate bid to loose weight. That it will do for you, oh yes! But it will also make you utterly sick of a very hearty, yet prudent soup.

For me, and I fast twice a week, this prince of a soup always comes up trumps. It is less than 80 kcal a bowl and it hits the spot when your hungry and it is freezy windy outside the front door.

One tin of tomatoes
One small onion, or a handful of shallots
Two to three cloves of fat juicy garlic crushed
Two or three stalks of celery sliced finely
(any other vegetables will do here: courgette, peas, spinach, leek…if you insist etc)
A tiny dot of olive oil.
Cabbage fresh & shredded
One litre of bouillon or other stock
Good handful of fresh parsley (if you’ve got some)

Gently sweat your onions, garlic and the celery in your dot of olive oil. Add the tomatoes and the stock and gently simmer for 15-20 minutes. Tomatoes always taste their best if they are given plenty of time and are cooked over a low heat – they will transform into the delectable fruit they truly, truly are.

When you are ready to eat – season well with a good crunching of sea salt and plenty of freshly ground black pepper – add the cabbage at the last minute, allow it to wilt for a minute or two. If you have some fresh parsley throw that in too. Serve and enjoy this hearty, healthy, nutritious and warming soup.

To make this more of a meal for children add some chick peas or other legumes or even some stellini – tiny star shaped pasta. Serve it with a stack of home-made bread and butter….hm hmmmmm.



      1. Extra Yum indeed just like the bumble family… I am on red pepper soup at the moment. Long time since we spoke er could tslk soup. X

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