Keep Smooching

With Valentines left behind in Februarys greying thighs, we must continue to flounce our love. Ruffle his, or her, feathers, nurture your honey with a whole bucket of squishy, treacle-drenched, smooching.

Snog them, smooch ’em, kiss their toes, okay, well maybe not their toes, but the tips of their fingers, their lips, neck and cheeks – all cheeks.

According to research, kissing promotes an array of health benefits, including relieving stress, burning calories, boosting immunity and even removing plaque…yikes – that must include some serious tongue waggling.


“Both of us were transfixed by this one moment – this moment when the earth just, literally, stopped…as our lips finally touched and we could not move apart, never let go, on that simple street corner, the sun rising behind us, this time defining connection of lust and love and absolute wholeness.”

Maybe not all kisses are like that but the simple ones: hello, goodbye, are you ok?, it’s going to be ok. These are almost more important in defining your union. Endorphins are released each time you touch and kiss, and you are present in that simple physical moment, whether it is with a babies perfect peachy bottom or your grannies crinkled cheek.

You may seek to impress like Maddona and Britney, or make a statement like the Chilean students who, last year, made kissing their statement in protests against the government over education, or get swept up in emotion like Gary Neville from Manchester United who snogged team mate Paul Scholes. But whatever, however, whoever – you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss…..mmmmmmmwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhh.


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