The secret of sewing

I fantasise I am one of those fabulous bloggers who sews beautifully, knocking up kaftans, curtains, toys and cushions…I’m not. 

On my own personal austerity mission this year – I have, indeed, attempted to sew holes back together in jeans and school tights. How do you sew a hole back together in tights? How in hell do you do this? I literally just pull the two sides together, take a deep breath and start sewing – ending up with a small bump of cotton? It certainly works – but it doesn’t look good…but when you are four years old and you have cosy toes at school I guess this does’t actually matter, right?

Here check this out…Image…slick?


Non. My knees, methinks, are very pointy, all of my jeans have holes in this spot. I dream of knocking up window seat cushions ala liberty style. But will probably end up with more of this…



So what is the art of sewing – my year at school was the last bastion of classrooms with sewing machines in. We sat week by week attempting our very own petticoats! Mine was in the most part done by fellow student, Karen Ashby – thanks Karen.

So should I have taken better note of my mum as she sat and sewed buttons and the like? Or am I, as I assume, a total finger donut who finds it impossible to thread a needle, sew in a straight line, hide beginnings and endings. Could I ever learn? 

On an another bright green note, check out this incredible lady, Laura Mvula and her very Green Garden….delightful. 






  1. I recon finger donutyness is a family trait…although…get this…Izac is making his own baseball caps (for a year or so) and just making a shirt! i will send him over with his machine (which I have just re-vamped)….so maybe the art of sewing just jumped us?

    1. Bloody hell!! Maybe I need to get Felix some cotton & needles for his 8th birthday and set him to work on my window seats….please can we see a pic of Izac’s baseball cap – so i can either laugh or cry…!

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