Hello Fatty

Thought that might get your attention!

Now why did you read that? Because you think I am referring to you? Do we all feel like fatties? Though your not – OK???!!! We are, mostly, pretty bloody average, thanks very much…yeah, honey, ave.er.age…

I fast two days a week, to rid moi of larding fat – the stuff that I enthuse with for the other five days – via my, onion ring, crisp fetish and vino delovely. But actually, according to my old man, my own female perception is somewhat skewed, (Huh? Surely not). As according to him indoors: “your alright love”….Hmmm.

Thanks babe – so why the pain? Can I blame it entirely on my brother who spent the majority of my paranoic-infested, love-stricken, fashion foolish, teenage years calling me fatso, fatty arbuckle and similar names of fat-fueled wrath? (I do, for the record, blame him – thanks Matt.)

But, out in the greater, wider, wiser, considerably cooler world are true fatties, proper fatsos who are proud of their curves, who embrace their thunder thighs; these chicks are delivering an enormous porcine spear to their boney model counterparts in their meteoric rise and general attitude of: ‘sod you all’…


These laydees, quite frankly, have got it going on.

They are loud and proud, and boy should we give them full respect as we fester away on our 5:2 diets and skinny jeans…we are sheep my friends – mere, bloody sheep.

PicMonkey Collage7They believe that fashion should belong to everyone, and for me, and my biscuits – I gotta tell you. This is true fashion.

Being utterly true to yourself, and wearing whatever the hell you want, however the hell you look (to the outside world and not your inner one).

How many of us actually, honestly, follow that path?


Check them out all of y’all:






  1. Great post – just checked out those links and there’s one thing that shines through – confidence. It is inspiring and I’m going through the whole ‘I must lose weight’ thing at the moment so it’s making me think…

  2. C’est vrai – the majority of us are hung up on mere pounds of weight, when actually the fact that we have a healthy, happy body that does what we want it to should be a thing of joy, sod the odd wobble.

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