Just say NO

I’ve decided, in my own 21st century capitalistic fashion, to: just say NO to my children when it comes to ALL things digital.

Tucker, it turned out, was right.Image

Just saying NO is a bloody marvellous plan, you should try it sometime.

It is dead easy to give in and just say yes, because, quite frankly, the buggers go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and…oh it takes a lot of balls to say nae – but believe me it is well worth the sulking.

Without banging on about the currently thought, irksome consequences of too much screen time, it is, for me, more than that. I am fed up to the eyeballs with finding my mobile ensconced under a duvet and smeared in sticky finger marks, and my computer tuned in to all things friv. Not to mention the endless arguments that ensue between the offspring when one of the buggers has got hold of said device; the others spend an unprecedented amount of time arguing for their turn. Which is enough to drive anyone loco.

It could be construed as harsh, cruel or even petty of me. But goddam it these kids have got the rest of their adult lives to be immersed in mobile technology, this is one part of modern living that is not going to swing by unnoticed.

There is an enormous amount of pressure to conform, to buy into the ipods, Xboxes and whatever else exists out there and it takes a lot of courage to go against the general pack. But in the longer term your child will be better for it, they will be forced to work out what to do with themselves – and that is quite a skill  – we don’t want them to be reliant on a small plastic box for everything.

I know I am not alone in refusing to allow my kids to watch TV everyday and to never let them watch TV in the car, we don’t want them to turn out like this: (sorry Roland).Image

It seems obvious that it is totally unnessecary, whatever happened to conversations? Arguments? Picnics and the like. Car-travel across Europe begins and ends for us with listening to some tunes, educating the children in The Style Council and The The or singing our hearts out and, always, being read fantastic stories by the heady heights of people like Stephen Fry, Alan Bennett, Roald Dahl and Simon Callow.

So what do you think? Do you think we should say No more often and bear the consequences? Or just go with the general flow?



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