Not everybody has the luxury of experimenting with death.

But watching someone you love walk the dark path of cancer, and realising at each step that its not going to get better, allows you great perspective.

As death becomes the obvious conclusion you start to relinquish the shackles of life, the dull minutiae that normally oppresses much of your day.

Light, suddenly shines from the small things you took for granted; a drink with an old friend, dancing to live music, watching your children run naked and laughing in their glee, clean sheets on your bed…Image

We are surrounded by so much that is so wonderfully simple and pure.

And sometimes it takes a brush with death to allow you to see your incredible life for what it truly is.

For clarity to seep through the crap.

For you to smile with your luck for all that you have.

It is not always so clear, so obvious or so simple, the silver-lining to so many black moments – but it is always there – if you hunt around for it. 




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