Madame Hasbeen

Je suis Madame Hasbeen.

I’ve decided to change my name in the hope of someone over in Sweden sending me a cupboard load of these:

J'adore le hasbeen
J’adore le hasbeen

Yes, the Swedish Hasbeen aren’t they delectable..?

The decision came about after reading about crazy Russian, tennis pro, Maria Sharapova who had plans  to change her name to, wait for it, Maria Sugarpova – you like?

The saccharin signature was created so that Sharapova, or Sugarpova, could personally brand herself – after her sweets – which are called, yes, you already know: Sugarpova.

She planned to literally become her own brand. Nice.

Welcome to the Brave New World.

Indeed this phenomenon is not new, oh no, in the early 00’s a clever agency in London convinced students to stick logos to their heads:

Students brand themselves
Students brand themselves

Fortunately for them they were not only paid to do this but it was also only a sticker, so they could, at the end of a busy day in lectures and branding round town, retreat to bed as ordinary human beings not human billboards.

Unlike this foolish lady:

Karolyne Smith, who is American, tattooed her head for $10,000.
Karolyne Smith, who is American, tattooed her head for $10,000.

Yes this woman got a tattoo on her head for the brand, well you can presumably read it, for the princely sum of ten thousand dollars – she did it, so she said, to fund her children’s education.

I hope they are working as lawyers now.

So, I wonder, if you had to become a brand, which one would you chose?


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