Project Bush

A dead bird
A dead bird

“Why should we wave our fannies around to show feminine strength? I’d rather take up knitting…”

This has been, without doubt, the general response to Project Bush. A project launched by ‘edgy’ creative Shoreditch Ad Agency Mother, asking women to come and have their ‘lady gardens’ photographed.

The agency claims the project is: ‘a call to action for women to stand up to the pressures of modern society and present their bushes in all their glory’.

Women have in droves claimed that there is no need to publicise your bush just so that younger women may not feel the pressure to conform, to wax their bodies so that they resemble a pre-pubescent 10yr old girl.

What I say is – why not? As a mother, god-mother and auntie I despair at a society seemingly rapidly spiralling out of our control.

We have the right to chose – it is clear – whether we wax or not. We also have the right to be angry about what appears to be a mainstream culture where girls try harder to look like dolls.

Project Bush may indeed be crass, obvious and showy – but it also represents how women today feel.

It gets voices, opinions and thoughts heard and both sides of the story told. And, yes, images of many fluffed muffs may not stop a 16 or 21 or 42yr old ripping out her pubes – but it gets us thinking and talking about it.

Considering we are fighting against a behemoth porn industry which is all pervading online – we have to try something.

And me?

I am on my way to Shoreditch as I write this my friends – my bush is bouffed…

I feel proud to be part of something however many guffaws and sniggers I receive it will be worth it to put proof to my Pom Pom Bush Power.


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