Eureka! My Psychological downfall is FOMO…or TL;DR

Do you ever feel like your missing out on all the fun?

When you slavishly tune into Facebook or Twitter and see all those people, your so called: friends, having fun, hooking up, going to parties and looking, amazing, natch – does it make you feel like a miserable, friendless, lonely old goat?


I feel that too sometimes and will avoid Facebook and regularly deactivate my account…only to slink back in the dead of night to remind myself what the rest of the world are doing whilst I am in bed reading a book.

Then I discovered FOMO!  It was a eureka moment for me – because I thought I was alone in feeling like I was missing out: having three binlids without doubt hampers your social life.

FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out and the Oxford Dictionary has officially entered this acronym into it’s dictionary.

Isn’t it great: a wonderful, new 21st century anxiety we have created for ourselves – a new paranoia we can hand down to our children, and their children…

Only I would like to avoid this kind of paranoia being passed on and wonder if excluding FB from their lives is a good place to start – am I fooling myself that I can protect them?

Also, and this is a goody: TL;DR…I am worrying, because TL;DR might be happening right about…now.

The Oxford Online Dictionary entered TL;DR which means: Too Long: Didn’t Read!!

Bloody marvellous another superlative facet of our, so called, slick modern existence!


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