The Jelly Bitch


I have spent the last few weeks hustling, trying to make a little bit of extra mullah on the side through the sales of my most infamous jellies. Jelly is beautiful – it is like a little piece of art – each jar of jelly a wonder to behold, the colours jewel-like, the texture sort of wobbly with a sweet and delicate firmness that can handle hot muffins and toast like nothing else. Jam is so passé, even if I do say so myself – and I have too, I’m hustling jelly here. P1030634 My Organic Apple & Chilli Jelly absolutely rules the cheese board – and with good reason it has a sweet, Somerset apple top-note that is immediately followed by the deep warmth and kick of chilli. I gave my people tasters: the Chill Jelly with a side of Cornish Yarg, the Apple & Blackberry with some fresh crusty baguette, plenty of home-made vanilla fudge and hand-made salted milk chocolates with crushed pistachios  to boot.


What I began to notice was that lots of folk would come and have a good free feast and then bugger off with not so much as a penny spent – you know exactly when someone has tasted your wares and then decided not to buy, they will avoid your eye and then silently slope off – this goes with the territory however, with every sloper there is another purchaser…


To do a stall is a lot of hard work but so worthwhile to hang out with the general – and often utterly strange and hilarious – public in a joyful sharing of all things scrumdiddly and beautiful. On top of that I made enough to buy a fire pit for the garden!

Pea. S. The Bath W.I. Ladies do not like fudge…


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