Transform the way you communicate


Social media – how can a business effectively use it? Social media is exactly what it says on the tin: social. So your foremost thought when you use it is: be social.

The more you sound like a healthy, well-adjusted human being the more trust you create, the more trust you create, the more brand loyalty you receive, the more brand loyalty you receive…yes, precisely: Bingo!

Many businesses believe that just by being on FaceBook, Twitter or Google+  they are automatically being social – and therefore the box is ticked. This is not the case – a carefully executed and planned social media strategy is crucial and your products and brand are your starting point to creating this.

First you must really try to understand your potential customer. What are their likes and dislikes, where do they like to hang out, what makes them tick? Create a picture of what your ideal and actual customer looks like.

When you have this information you can begin to create your perfect social media storm based upon where your customer will be and what he or she will be interested in.This helps you decipher what social media platforms they will be using. For many the obvious starting points include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest – all of these are viable and great platforms.


Experiment with these mediums and find out which ones you get most response from. Concentrate on the few that give you the most feedback. Is is far more efficient to use one or two well than to use many badly – do not spread yourself too thinly. Focus on a few and get them looking and sounding great.

Talk to your customers, be social, DO NOT bombard them with sales chat – they will switch off – talk to them about what they are interested in. Show that you are also interested.

You have a golden opportunity here to ASK your customers questions, what do they want? What do they like – have a conversation – this is a two way street.

One of the primary marketing goals is for your social media activity to be responsive and engaging, your objective as a business is to participate with the online social community not shamelessly plug your brand or product. Behave as an authority in your industry and you will receive that essential element: trust.

Increase your presence, build healthy relationships and connect with more people this is the powerful opportunity that social media can offer you. Maintain consistency and authenticity and you can expand your influence – good luck!


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