Freshly Cut Grass

Nothing smells sweeter or heightens the euphoric sense of a proper English summer than the soft, grassy scent of freshly cut, green grass.

It’s light delicate flora rides on the edge of the warm air – filling you with anticipation and satisfaction that, finally, summer has given herself completely over to us.

The droning sound of a lawnmower, the backdrop to a balmy June Sunday, the shouts of delight and joy from children heard in the distance as they frolic with the freedom of new born lambs in lush, flower-filled gardens.

Daisy chains, busy bees, sticky drops of melted ice cream, fat, juicy, red and wild strawberries, straw hats on ladies and the charged thrill and long-held disappointment of sports day.

Long gone are the short, cold, damp and dark days – banished from our minds and assumed, surely, never to return – as we bask in the gentle warmth of hat-off, skirt hitched, sunshine smiling down on us, laying back on our neatly cut lawns and to enjoy the sublime moment – we have arrived… The Daily Post: Seasonal Scents

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