The Cornershop

Nothing could be more British, according to artist Lucy Sparrow, than the English corner shop, reminding us of a time when the nation was more: Open All Hours – than: closed down high streets.

Blighty once thrived with a decent shop on every corner providing the local community with milk, papers, food, fags and booze, plus – essentially, a much needed beating heart to keep the neighbourhood alive and united.

Sadly, today your local independent shop is more likely to be long since shuttered up or bought out by a Tesco Metro.

In a bid to raise awareness of the demise of the great British corner shop it is entirely clever and a real pleasure to see artist Lucy Sparrow re-create a corner shop made entirely of wool and felt as art installation: The Cornershop.


Thank you Lucy – The Cornershop is running throughout August @ 19 Wellington Row, London E2 7BB…


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