They All Had A Lovely Time…

Original 1960’s ANT and BEE Book by Angela Banner

“It’s Butcher – er, something or other…” This is what my pal and moi inform a be-spectacled, book-ish, geeky, yet groovy, young man, who’s sporting a mohair jumper and skinny jeans, capturing perfectly, that di regueur, I work in a book-shop and love books, look in Waterstones.

We’ve entered said shop, sadistically hungover and barely stringing sentences together, our brains yogurt-numbingly blank, after a mephitic evening sucking down lashings of grape juice and fags and celebrating, yet another 40th…in search of this elusive book….something to do with a butcher…

He glares at us, not impressed with the information provided. But, of course, his job is to humour us, and so he glibly types in butcher and comes up with a myriad of titles…none, match anything whatsoever, in our weak, empty and barely functioning, unreasonable minds.

However, the good news we find we all had a lovely time.

NO. The good news is: ANT AND BEE ARE BACK!

The newly re-issued Ant and Bee series…

I was brought up on Angela Banner’s two tiny hero’s and they have finally re-issued the titles.

The perfect size for a fat toddlers hand, Ant and Bee are two loveable characters who are also an Ant yes and a Bee – YES! The re-published books are very colourful but inside, thankfully, nothing has changed Kind Dog is still super, lovely and kind and sporting his pork pie hat and Angela Banner’s brilliant, yet simple, illustrations live on in 21st century techni-colour glory.

I have been buying them for all my friends who have children – Ant and Bee are the perfect present for younger children, although I can inform you right here and now, that my nine year old twins continue to enjoy a quick squizz at Ant and Bee as well – they are, without doubt, timeless classics.

Buy them, BUY THEM – and no I am not related, sadly to Angela Banner, nor am I sponsored by Egmont – honest guv.

Pea.S. My lovely pal REMEMBERED the butcher book and sent it to me much later and boy oh boy is that book BLOODY MARVELLOUS…I shall reveal the title tomorrow. Honest Guv.





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