Bonfire Burning Bust Up Bonanza

IMG_1385Nothing better than introducing the children, young – as you can – (babies if possible, crying toddlers a bonus) to a roaring, burning, inferno, preferably with an effigy of some desperate, loose-limbed, male charlatan tossed on the top, steeped in petrol and engulfed in flames, to keep the children entertained, now that the death and murderous blood-fuelled gapes of Halloween have long been spent.

But this is Blighty: where flaming effigies and screaming children are nigh on expected this fifth night of November, notably with a side of sparklers, a large glass of red for the growns and a couple of bangers smothered in ketch-up for good measure, it’s our stock in trade – we didn’t court the yanks and their bewildering halloween japes to trade this in- did we?


Enjoy doling your child/ren/husband & friends up in a classic English odds and ends wooly assortment of winter wear and, big wellies, natch, for all to stand in a cold field somewhere, hopefully local (ie within walking distance from your bed), shivery and entranced in the trippy, 3D kaleidoscope of flaming light forms pouring fourth from the sky – a kind of first hand introduction to life enhancing drugs for the children.

Pea.s: Make Toffee Apples – you will become adored henceforth…


Pea. Pea. s these bad boys are organic and hand-picked – yes, I adhere to great food snobbery – bring it on…This is the stonking, fail-safe recipe I use….






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