Plans are being drawn up by BANES, for a new skateboard park to be built in Larkhall’s Alice Park.

The proposed new skateboard park, has had £100,000 earmarked for it, and is set to be built in 2015.

However, some Larkhall natives are opposed to such a scheme – why?

There are fears that such a venture will lure beer-drinking, cigarette-smoking, noisy teenagers near to homes and into the park, giving them a legitimate reason to hang around and potentially cause problems.

Despite these fears a recent report from the Dorchester Police Force found that anti-social behaviour had been reduced by 45% following the development of a skatepark in the city. Inspector Les Fry, Dorchester Section Commander, said: “This reduction is a tremendous result for the town and shows the real value of having such a good facility for young people”.

Children and young adults, even actual adults, have a great love of cycling, flying around on skateboards and speeding about on scooters, but there are very few designated areas in the East of Bath where they can physically, safely enjoy these activities.

Wide, busy roads congested with traffic, narrow pavements, all of these things add to making any prospective two or four-wheeled fun dangerous and, ultimately, prohibitive.

A new area to practice these skills is hoped to promote health, exercise, being outdoors and away from screens for the boys, girls and young adults in this area. It aims to encourage youths to build up friendships through a common theme, gain physical strength and agility and ultimately allow them to have fun in a safe environment.

ben4Ben Nordberg, considered one the best skateboarders in the world, learnt to skate at Victoria Skateboard park in Bath and is now in LA, competing with the worlds elite in skateboarders, this is rare for an English Skateboarder – and it all began here, in Bath. Ben and his mum are supporters of the skatepark proposed in Alice Park – to find out why click here.

If you would like to support this venture or find out more about the proposed plans then come along this Sunday 23rd November to the New Oriel Hall, Larkhall from 3pm-6pm. The car park will be closed and skateboarders will be allowed to skate in this safe area. There will be cakes, tea and detailed information about the skatepark proposals.



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