Le Puff de Fromage

When the music stopped. The highways collided. Route 1970. It fell into place Our lips finally taste. those moments No … More


Forgive me this confabulation of fromage – but it is, indeed, National Poetry Month..in, err, The States, but I assume … More

Keep Smooching

With Valentines left behind in Februarys greying thighs, we must continue to flounce our love. Ruffle his, or her, feathers, … More

Tom Foolery

He always made me laugh. A naughty, school-boyish, tomfoolery claimed his manner. An effortless charm poured off him and sealed … More

The wrong trousers

Should a pair of trousers see you reeling in revolt and crazed, coffee-induced, anger? Does that Farah look from his … More

Frosty beginnings

Stunning frosty morning this November and joy – no rain. A walk early doors, to breathe the cold snappy air, … More