Community Chest

Our year in France has come to a close. Having struggled so hard with their French school, making friends, coping … More

The tablecloth

After suffering four days of excruciating pain, tension and frustration, he finally let go and accepted his fate. Day five … More

Cherry Cerise

After the earlier rains rotted all the sweet dark cherries, I turned my attention to the other cherry trees in … More

Sweet feasting friendship

A perfect summer starter here in this sweet fragrant corner of rural France is Charentais melon and Bayonne Ham. The … More

Ma Cherrie

June has been awash, literally, with lashings of rain, buckets of sunshine then lashings of rain. The guests have poured … More

Blooming marvellous

The blooms have been abundant this May, and as the blossom has blown off the trees so has the small … More

Vaccum attic

Last week saw the local, Vide Grenier, which literally translates as: vaccum attic, pour down the narrow village streets of … More

Escargot to go….

The pinchers squeezed down to grab something in the long wet dewy grass, what in hell is she doing, I … More

Frost Bite

So January turns her head from us and sulks, as little elfin February laughs in our faces; you thought you … More