Street Food FeastFeasting upon home-cooked grub is, frankly, the only way to relax and if you are sharing your meal with people you love then, my friend – you have arrived.

Cooking is such a simple, yet profoundly zenful and indulgent way to spend a Saturday afternoon – with your hands covered in flour and several recipe books propped open around the kitchen, saucepans bubbling, and the scent of freshly baked bread, or spices popping in the pan – it lifts your house and transforms it into a home.

Cooking up Trouble

Here are some mouth watering recipes moments previously relished…

Pancake Love

Titillating Tarts


Pan con tomate & Moroccan Aubergine salad 

Juicy langoustines 

Five Star Dinner Party

Charentais Melon & Bayonne Ham

Thai Noodle Soup

Parmesan & Pistachio Sables 

Apple & Blackberry Jelly

Bean Endowment

Stilton & Broccoli Soup


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