Finally A Real WOMAN That Wobbles

Finally, a brave ad agency has created an advert that celebrates women, in all their natural, real and raw beauty – wobbly bits and all.

Please watch it:

This Girl Can is frankly, flaming brilliant and full respect to both Sport England and the ad agency FCB Inferno who were brave enough to chose the beauty of reality over the dishonest and mendacious choices of the all-consuming,  behemoth fashion industry.

Every female, and male, in this part of the world has been duped into believing that natural beauty is a form of photoshopped physical perfection only achieved by Barbie – a goal few of us will ever attain. Leaving the rest of us mere mortals with a warped perception of our bodies, deep insecurities, shame, embarrassment and a fucked up way of behaving towards, not only food, but each other.

I firmly believe that most men appear to genuinely see it differently – and adore all our jiggilly and wibbly bits – just as we adore theirs.

If only the fashion industry were brave enough to embrace the natural shape of everyone rather than endlessly creating and photoshopping an entire universe that will never be achieved no matter what we put ourselves through.

Let us continue to shout long and loud about this campaign and applaud the massive balls of Sport England and FCB Inferno.



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