Le Puff de Fromage

the music stopped.
The highways collided.

Route 1970.

It fell into place
Our lips finally taste.
No breath it fill
Until –
our hearts unveil
and locate.
They mate
and create a wave
 of titillating
The unknown
The beginning
The end.
That smattering of unearthly magic:
In all her untamed wildness
Held forth in that one kiss.
This moment is forever held in my heart.
Let me never let it go
Standing on that ancient street corner
Lip locked
In the flow…
The moon gently closing her thighs and sighing behind us
I was, finally, in cahoots with le toots
He, who remembers Roxy music
This red haired fox
Whose rich, ripe semen –
Made my whole body teemin
With babies
As one became two and two became three.
Endlessly the adventurer, the perfectionist
Loyal to you, his friends – until he cease
Whose groove will never stop getting on
Despite an aching back, dodgy knees, grey hair and a mortgage to choke…
Him –
He is never broke
My man
His balls have always, been BIG
 Come, what may –
And Hairy.
May he never stop chasing his dreams: French farmhouse, dusty Spanish jeep, a handful of plane tickets for those he loves, music maker, mountain warrior…

1 Comment

  1. I love this! It warmed my cockles the first time of hearing…and has now made me smile again. There is great happiness in hearing someone else’s love. Viva le puff/muff!! Cx

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